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Thanks for taking the time to drop by.  In the event that your time is limited, you can find a general overview of our portfolio all on this page.  Should you wish to explore in more depth, just click on the “MORE” menu item (above).

Demo Reel


Installations - Product Illustration - Virtual Reality - Apps
About: Utah Office of Tourism - Montgomery Tunnel

Our task was to “wrap an image” around a 120′ long, curved pedestrian tunnel in the San Francisco BART system.  To our knowledge, this had never been done before.  We were responsible for creating a proof of concept (Unity 3d Build) used to sell the idea to the client, creation of all panels, output of all imagery, interfacing with the print vendors and installers, and writing the installation instructions.  This installation received worldwide attention in the marketing press. (video courtesy Struck/Axiom)

Big Picture Article        Deseret News Article           Utah Business Article          The Cool Hunter Article

About: PULS Watch Announcement

We were tasked to create a significant amount of 4K resolution animation and large format print imagery for the Will-I-Am PULS Watch launch event in San Francisco.  We produced over 50 animation clips and print renders on a very compressed timeline.  The video below is just a sampling of this work.

Unity3D Player

* Requires a gaming GPU

About: VOID Visual Quality Demo

We created a “visual quality” demo for the “VR experience” installation called “The VOID.”  The layout was dictated by the physical installation (which is why it may seem a bit odd).  We are currently developing additional content for The VOID.

About: Cell World

A free interactive instructional app we developed for the V.I.E.W. project.  The purpose was to provide students with a more immersive experience when learning about the major internal structures and functions of eukaryotic cells.

2 Dimensional:

Illustration - Concept - Design

We provide services in a broad range of 2D disciplines including (but not limited to) traditional painting, user interface design, character design, concept work, product design, logos, and animation.

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3 Dimensional:

Environments - Characters - Marketing - Games

We also provide services in a broad range of 3D disciplines including (but not limited to) characters, environments, games, game assets, and animation.

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Games - Movies - Clients

About Us


Established in 2002, we are a “collective” of entertainment-industry professional artists with expertise in a broad variety of disciplines – everything from traditional and print media to the latest digital 3D computer graphics, animation, photography, and Virtual / Augmented Reality trends.

Our client list spans the spectrum – from corporations to private individuals – and includes such names as Warner Brothers, Disney Interactive, Omation, Nickelodeon, Weta Digital, and Penguin Books. We thrive on meeting or beating our clients’ expectations and producing the highest-quality visuals possible in whatever we do.


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